CineFAM Film Festival 5 “Years of Limitless Imagination’’ October 23 -24th

today October 23, 2021

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CineFAM Film Festival celebrates its 5th year October 23rd-24th, 2021.  The number 5 represents curiosity, freedom, and change.  The festival theme, ”5 Years of Limitless Imagination” embodies this.  CineFAM was established in 2016 by award winning filmmaker and Academy member, Frances Anne Solomon.  CineFam Film Festival introduces audiences around the globe to bold and original stories by women and non-binary creators of colour.  This year’s list of events and films are both innovative and timely.  Leading up to this years’ festival, attendees can enjoy CineFAM ShopTalk / Behind The Lens panel series, happening every Wednesday at 7pm EST, starting September 15 until October 13. This year’s panel topics are, Cinematography, Innovation/ Setting New Standards, Asian Representation, Story Telling/Writing, and Love Through Our Lens. CineFAM film festival and ShopTalk/Behind The Lens panels are Free to attend and air on CaribbeanTales-TV and Facebook.  Register at for an all-access festival pass and to find out more details.   

Begin October 23, 2021 H 12:00 pm
End October 24, 2021 H 12:00 pm
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